Miracles do Happen !!

Does God still perform miracles today?? I can say with 100% certainty that the answer is YES!!  I know this from my own personal experience that was witnessed by several people including Doctors. I am not basing this information on a feeling, but I am basing this on 3 years of ultrasounds, ex-rays and MRI.  So let's get in to the meat and potatoes of what happened.  So at that time I was much younger and Married. My wife was pregnant with our daughter. Early into the pregnancy we were going to the doctor to have the ultrasounds done, they noticed an obvious problem right off the bat.  I was there and I remember the lady doing the ultrasound just had this look on her face and stopped chatting as much. I asked the lady what was the matter and she said she was seeing some anomaly’s but was not allowed to talk about it. She said that the doctor was the only one who could read off any results to us.  So upon talking to the doctor he told us what we were looking at. Basically he pointed out these two small hollow looking things and said these are her kidneys and they are really small and basically hollow in the center with nothing there. He told us that they were working but not very well, and we needed to keep an eye on them. So after several visits we were told that we would need to start going to the children’s hospital which was in Little Rock Arkansas.  So every month or so we would drive the 3 hour trip to the hospital where they would use better equipment and check out the baby still in the womb and basically say the same thing.  Told us that the two tiny kidneys are working but they don’t work well and they are so small that our daughter would have problems her entire life. Those are not what any parent wants to hear about their child, let alone two young parents who were not much more than kids themselves. So we made lots of trips to Little Rock Children Hospital up until she was born.  She was born at our local hospital and seemed to be pretty normal, but we knew that the kidney problem was there. So after she was born we started having to take her to Little Rock every 3 months or so to be checked out.  So then at the hospital they began to keep an eye on everything with no change. They would just keep advising us to watch what she drank and so forth as not to overwork the 2 small kidneys. Fast forward a few years and we noticed that she was not able to be fully potty trained she always had accidents. She basically said she can’t hold it in it always just comes out. So we reported this to the Children Hospital and they took a closer look and said that the 2 tubes that are coming from the 2 small kidneys are bypassing the bladder and are connected past the bladder so anything that the kidneys process is just leaking out. These 2 small tubes are called the ureter tubes, they go between the kidneys and the bladder.  So the doctor wanted to do a micro surgery as they called it and connect the tubes to the bladder. They said this could weaken the bladder and could cause more problems, but something had to be done.  So while we were on a waiting list to get this surgery done, my mother in law got a bunch of people together and started a prayer chain. She and many others started praying for a complete healing. I was a Christian at that time, but I was a young Christian not very strong in my faith. I remember hearing all about it and thinking yea right. I don’t even hardly remember praying about it myself.  I feel like fool now for not praying, but that was then, this is now. So we were off once again to the Children’s hospital to get a pre op thing done before the surgery and as we were waiting to see what the doctor said, he came in with this strange look on his face and he sat down across from us.  I remember him saying well we need to talk about a change of plans on this surgery. He then said this is hard to believe but we did the MRI again and your daughter no longer just has the 2 tiny kidneys, but she also has 2 full size kidneys all working normally. He said that he had went back looked at the old ex-rays and MRIs, and he said all I can tell you is that it is a Miracle!!! He said on your last visit your daughter had 2 tiny kidneys, now she has 4 kidneys.  Of course I was blown away and just couldn’t believe it.  So now that she has normal kidneys with normal ureter tubes he said all we need to do is tie in the 2 small kidneys tubes with the 2 normal kidneys tubes. So at a later date that is what they did, they trucked in a giant robot looking thing that took 6 or so people to run, they used that machine to do a micro surgery, it went well and here we are today, she is 20 years old now and feeling fine. She drinks lots of Dr.Pepper and has no problems with 4 kidneys. So I don’t claim to know why God heals some people and not others. I don’t know why my daughter was Partially healed. She got her 2 normal kidneys and tubes but still had to have the 2 small ones tied in.  I don’t know why God did not heal her sooner.. All I know for sure is that she was healed, the doctor said it was a miracle, and I know that it was.  Knowing what I know now you could never convince me that God is not real. I will worship God till day that I am taken home to my reward. I thank God every night for all he has done for me. I don’t know where I would be without him in my life..  Please pray every day, please pray for the sick innocent children. I now know of several people who have been healed. GOD does heal, Miracles do happen!!!        Kenny

If you would like to share a miracle that you have had, please send it to us and we will post it here.

Thanks and God Bless.

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